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Environmental Humanities

Resources for scholars interested in doing research in the environmental humanities.


Image of National Parks poster: two rams summiting a boulder, with text that reads "THE NATIONAL PARKS PRESERVE WILD LIFE"

The rapidly growing interdisciplinary field of Environmental Humanities examines the intersections of human life and the more than human environment through an interdisciplinary lens. Drawing from fields including environmental history, literary ecocriticism, cultural anthropology and philosophy, as well as the arts and art history, gender studies, critical race studies, geography and more, the environmental humanities is fundamentally intersectional. Scholars working within the field study a wide range of cultural texts in order to unpack environmental problems, learn more about ethics and values, highlight the utility of creative expression, and overcome traditional divides between the sciences and humanities.   

This guide provides resources to scholars interested in doing research in the environmental humanities. Each category might include links to books, multimedia, websites, and databases to facilitate research in this developing field. 

Image source: Works Progress Administration Federal Art Project, between 1936 and 1939, from Library of Congress Work Projects Administration Poster Collection

Have Suggestions for More Titles?

This research guide provides an overview of scholarship in the Environmental Humanities. The guide will continue to grow as new scholarship appears and as members of the William & Mary community make additions. 

If you wish to recommend additions, please email Alan C. Braddock or the W&M Libraries Research Department.