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ENSP 100: Mapping for Community Nature Rx

How Do I Find Primary Sources On My Park?

The key question to ask yourself about your park when looking for primary sources is, who cares? Who might possibly have a stake in your site and would have writing, photos, or other media about it?

This might include:

  • Newspapers (think local or state)
  • Government entities (perhaps there's state or local legislation about the creation or maintenance of your park?)
  • Friends societies of your park, or foundations relating to your type of site (example: Friends of Virginia Parks)
  • State or county archives

Note that this list isn't exhaustive, and it's not a guarantee that your park will be represented in any of these types of sources, if at all. However, it's worth the effort to see what is out there that you can use for your project!

The rest of this page lists some promising newspapers to test out. You should also visit the Finding Multimedia page to help you locate copyright-free images that you can use freely in your projects. 

Finding News

Library Resources:

National & General News

Virginia News

Local News

More Places To Look