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CHEM 361: Bio/Molecular Imaging

Keep up with research

Keeping up with the volume of research can be challenging. Register for the databases you use and set alerts to have articles that match your search criteria sent to you automatically.

Under Scopus search you can set an alert

Scifinder-n alerts

Research Log

Research is a process and you'll want to keep a log of what you are doing so you don't reduplicate your work or miss steps or useful information. The research log below can help you with this.


Using the research log, state your topic as a phrase or question, break it up into the main concepts you need to search, and think of keywords. Also think about what kind of information you need (background, peer-reviewed primary research articles, conference proceedings, foundation or think tank reports, etc).

Getting Started

  • What questions do you need to research for your project? 
  • What keywords and kinds of information might be useful? 
  • What disciplines or people might be interested in these questions? 
  • What resources have you searched already and what have you found?
  • Looking at the Databases or Research Guides sections of the library website, which other resources look like they might be promising resources? 
  • What’s your next step in your research plan?

Reading Journal Articles