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CHEM 195: Research Practices in Chemistry

Tutorial on understanding the chemical literature for CHEM 195

CHEM 195 Tutorial-Getting Started

By the end of this tutorial you will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of the scientific literature and knowledge of it to your research
  • Identify the differences between types of scientific information
  • Identify and access the resources available to you at William and Mary and beyond
  • Construct basic author, keyword, and citation searches in both general and subject-specific databases in order to trace the scholarly conversation around a topic
  • Identify potential research topics, lab groups or researchers you might be interested in working with for your research course 
  • Cite information in American Chemical Society (ACS) format and use citation and data management tools in order to manage and ethically use information


  • Questions or trouble with the tutorial? Contact Camille Andrews, Instruction & Research Librarian, at

  • Open videos in a new tab to avoid losing the tutorial page.

  • Want to read instead of or in addition to watching the videos? You can find a link to the slides/transcipts under each video or turn on closed captioning.

  • Optional items are not required to complete the tutorial but may be of interest

Getting Started on Your Science Research Journey