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Librarian Trading Card - Visibility Campaign

Candice Benjes-Small as Gen-X File

woman in a pantsuit crouching next to a black lab

Liz Bellamy as The Internet Explorer

woman dressed for safari in the mountains holding her hand over her face to see into the horizon

Morgan Davis as The Synthesizer

woman with afrofuturistic clouting holding a key tar

Alex Flores as The Credible Hulk

Woman in a lab coat and purple pants morphing into the Incredible Hulk and breaking the ground with her fist

Natasha McFarland as Brainstorm

Woman with a red cape and a sun staff pointed to the sky

Katherine McKenzie as The Info Seeker

Woman dressed as a Hufflepuff (yellow and black) quidditch player next to a golden retriever

Mary Oberlies as The Research Doctor

Woman in a fez and bowtie sitting in a library surrounded by hovering books

Jessica Ramey as The OA Outlaw

Woman dressed as Robin Hood resting on a bow in the forest

Paul Showalter as Super Sleuth

Paul Showalter as Super Sleuth - man dressed as Sherlock Holmes with a magnifying glass held up to his face