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American Studies

Resources available to W&M students of American Studies. Covers databases for research along with introductory texts for students considering majoring in the field.

Links to American Studies Organizations

The American Studies Association.

The preeminent scholarly organization for the field. it also publishes the journal American Quarterly along with hosting annual meetings and conferences. There are numerous regional chapters for the organization and it also gives out numerous awards and grants to scholars (and students) in the field. The association also maintains a listing of jobs, calls for papers, and fellowships.

The Southern American Studies Association.

The regional chapter which William & Mary resides within, it covers the states of Virginia, West Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida. It hosts a regional conference every other year along with providing awards and travel grants to graduate students.

The International American Studies Association.

The IASA's website is a bit less polished and not as well-maintined or updated as the ASA's, but it is still a recognized and respected international body within the field. It hosts biennial conferences along with publishing the Review of International American Studies.

More About American Studies

Haberski, R. (2013, November 8). How American Studies Matter [Blog Post]. Retrieved from

This post on the blog for the Society for U.S. Intellectual History came from a panel that the author participated in at the 2013 Society conference. The post is in line with many of the current trends in American Studies, but also looks more closely at the current "Culture Wars" and "Age of Fracture" of the contemporary US cultural, intellectual, and political landscape and why the field matters in the present moment.

Lipsitz, G. (2015). What is American Studies?. ASA White Paper Series. Retrieved from

In 2015, the American Studies Association commissioned a series of White Papers on topics relating to the future of the field. This brief paper provides an overview of the field and its history.