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Scholarly Communications

In 2003, ACRL defined scholarly communication as "the system through which research and other scholarly writings are created, evaluated for quality, disseminated to to the scholarly community, and preserved."

Many federal agencies now require data management plans be submitted as part of grant proposals. Since January, 2011 the National Science Foundation (NSF) has required inclusion of a data management plan in all grant proposals. More information is available via their Data Archiving Policy. See our page on library data services to learn more on how W&M Libraries can help you comply with grant funding terms. See below for language to use in your grant application regarding W&M Libraries data preservation services.

Many other US federal agencies have followed suit, though the terms of each data sharing requirement can vary, so make sure to check with your specific funder. Use these links to resources to assist with locating and mediating funder data sharing policies:

International Resources:

Grant Proposals : Show How W&M ScholarWorks Supports Your Project Data

Looking for specific language to include in your grant application regarding W&M Libraries' data preservation services? Here is the official statement:

The  research data generated by this project will be deposited with W&M ScholarWorks, the institutional repository of the William & Mary Libraries, to ensure long-term stewardship, curation, and access to the data for the research community.  William & Mary Libraries will archive the dataset and its documentation, supporting the data through changing technologies, media, and data formats.  William & Mary Libraries provides guidance and support for all aspects of the data lifecycle, from planning data management strategy through preserving data at the conclusion of the project, and works with researchers to insure this process includes appropriate documentation and requirements for data integrity. 

A standardized metadata record for the ____ data will be added to repository. This record includes a standardized data citation with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to provide permanent linking and access, gives credit to the _____ team, and enables users to obtain a copy of the product.  W&M ScholarWorks provides public, open access to the deposited data, via full-text searchable records, making them discoverable through Google, Google Scholar, and other search engines.