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HIST131 History of Latin America to 1824

Welcome to the Special Collections Research Center

This section of the guide provides an overview of Special Collections resources used for the HIST131 class visits.   It features primary printed and manuscript resources from our collections that you can request to see in the reading room any time we are open. Just bring your student ID to register. You can also use your laptop and a digital camera. For more information about your research visit, click here.


You may also want to take a look at the Primary Resources research guide to help you with your assignment, as well as the general guide on Special Collections resources on Latin American and the Carribean.

Primary Resources from the Rare Book Collection

[Historie // Del s. d. Fernando Colombo, by Fernando Colón. E111 .C71

The Columbus papers : the Barcelona letter of 1493, the landfall controversy, and the Indian guides : a facsimile edition of the unique copy in the New York Public Library, by Columbus, Christopher. E115.2 .E5 C64 1991

The letter of Columbus on the discovery of America. A facsimile of thepictorial edition, with a new and literal translation, and a complete reprint ofthe oldest four editions in Latin, by Columbus, Christopher. E116.2 1892

The narrative of Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, Alvar. E125 .N9 N913 1972

The first four voyages of Amerigo Vespucci reprinted in facsimile and tr. from the rare original edition (Florence, 1505-06), Vespucci, Amerigo. E125 .V5 V4

[Discovery of the large, rich, and beautiful empire of Guiana]   ‚ÄčThe discoverie of the large, rich, and bevvtifvl empyre of Gviana : with a relation of the great and golden citie of Manoa (which the Spanyards call El Dorado) and of the prouinces of Emeria, Arromaia, Amapaia, and other countries, with their riuers, adioyning, Raleigh, Walter, Sir. E129 .R2 R2 1966    

The natvrall and morall historie of the East and West Indies, Acosta, Jose de. E141 .A25

An account of the European settlements in America, Burke, Edmund. E143 .B9622

America: being the latest, and most accurate description of the New World, Ogilby, John. E143 .O33

Memoirs of Simon Bolivar, Ducoudray Holstein, H. L. V. F2235.3 .D83

The World Encompassed by Sir Francis Drake. Being His next Voyage to that to Nombre de Dios, formerly imprinted; carefully collected out of the Notes of Master Francis Fletcher, Preacher in this imployment, and divers others his followers in the same. Drake, Francis, Sir. G420 .D7 A3 1635

[Storia antica del Messico. English]  The history of Mexico, Clavigero, Francesco Saverio. F1219 .C62 1806 V.1-2

The true history of the conquest of Mexico, Díaz del Castillo, Bernal. F1230 .D538

A view of South-America and Mexico, Niles, John M. F1408 .N687

An account of the first voyages and discoveries made by the Spaniards in America, Casas, Bartolome de las. F1411 .C426

A voyage to South America, Ulloa, Antonio de. F2221 .U426 V.1-2      

 A voyage to South America : by George Juan and Antonio de Ulloa, Juan, Jorge. F2221 .U425 1760

Travels in Brazil : by Henry Koster, Koster, Henry. F2511 .K86

Travels in the gold and diamond districts of Brazil, Mawe, John. F2511 .M472

Travels in Brazil in the years 1815, 1816, 1817, Wied, Maximilian, Prinz von. F2511 .W6

Journal of a voyage to Brazil, and residence there, during part of the years 1821, 1822, 1823, Callcott, Maria, Lady. F2513 .C14     

Voyage to Buenos Ayres, performed in the years 1817 and 1818, by order of the American government, Brackenridge, H. M. (Henry Marie). F3001 .B7

Journal of a residence in Chile, during the year 1822. And a voyage from Chile to Brazil in 1823, Callcott, Maria, Lady. F3063 .C15

The royal commentaries of Peru, in two parts, Vega, Garcilaso de la. F3442 .G25

 A description of the coasts of north and south-Guinea, and of Ethiopia inferior, Barbot, Jean. G160 .C56 V.5      

A woman's journey round the world, from Vienna to Brazil. Pfeiffer, Ida. G440 .P5 1852

Mapas de América en los libros españoles de los siglos XVI al XVIII (1503-1798), Vindel, Francisco. 912.7 V74m oversize

Portable Mayan altar : pocket books of Mayan spells, San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico : Taller Leñateros c2007. N7433.4 .P37 P667 2007

Primary Resources from the Manuscript Collections

Item 2011.365: Financial Document (Peru), 1617

 Financial document, 1617, relating shepherds and workers of a Peruvian ranch. Includes wages paid for shepherds to maintain a herd of 1560 sheep, and documents things like deductions from salary of a shepherd for the loss of sheep on his watch.

 Available online:William & Mary Digital Archive

 From MSS. 1.16:  Collection of Spanish Language Manuscripts, 1591-[ongoing]  


Item 2012.127: Account for fortification work in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1801

 This description has been provided by the seller and has not been verified for accuracy:

Detailed listing, 1801, of the reconstruction costs for a major area of Puerto Rico's defenses, started 1767 by Alejandro O'Reilly, who was appointed by King Charles III as an advisor for the work on one of the Spanish Empire's most valuable ports. He initiated a twenty-year renovation effort, and the listing outlines the work for the forts San Cristobal and el Morro.

In addition to the itemized listing, there are two drafts listing the total cost of all works performed by year for 1767 to1800,

The defenses had also suffered damages in the 1787 earthquake and the rebuilding efforts are documented as well in the itemized accounts.

NOTE: The right-hand sides and the top of  pages have been cut off and some information has been lost.

From MSS. 1.16:  Collection of Spanish Language Manuscripts, 1591-[ongoing]  

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