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Anthropology 150- Economic Anthropology


Search Tips

Tips for better results when searching
  • Search Terms - Most databases will require the use of several terms or concepts.


  • Identify Key Concepts - synonyms, broader terms, related terms and narrower terms.


  • Use Boolean Searches- Searches using AND, OR, NOT


  • Use Truncation - find variants of a word (*) - example: idenitit*


  • Use Phrases - use quotation marks for phrases of two or more words - example: "piece of cake"


  • Narrow your focus by limiting your search by date of publication, narrowing a search field to "Title", "Author" or "All Text".


  • Use the Advance Search Options. They are usually more detailed than Basic Search options. 


  • When you find an article you like, search for more items by the same author, with the same subject terms, or from the same source publication.