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Oral History Interviews Guide

This guide offers resources, samples, best practices, and other useful information for conducting oral history interviews at the College of William and Mary.

Sample Forms

These are examples provided for reference and use. Anyone conducting oral history interviews will wish to consult with the College of William & Mary Protection of Human Subjects Committee, their faculty advisor, and the repository to which the interviews may be donated at the conclusion of the project.

College & University Copyright Centers

Cornell University, Copyright Information Center

Standford University Libraries, Copyright and Fairuse

George Mason University Libraries, Copyright Resources Office

University of Maryland University Center, Center for Intellectual Property

  • Including the blog Collectanea, collected perspectives on copyright

North Carolina State University Libraries, Digital Scholarship and Publishing Center

University of Texas System, Crash Course in Copyright

Washington State University, University Publishing Center and Copyright

Whitman College Technology Services Copyright Information

Northern Kentucky University Creative Thinking class lessons, films, and activities on plagiarism and copyright awareness for the classroom. "Tied to national and state educational standards, this program offers everything needed to present engaging content for teens and young adults in multiple disciplines from junior high school through freshman level college courses. It could also be utilized for public library teen programs and community youth groups. The lesson content promotes research honesty and copyright consciousness for students. Both ethical and legal discussions are presented."


Government Information

U.S. Copyright Office: This site includes general copyright information as well as information about searching records, publications, and more information.


Digital Millenium Copyright Act