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Sociology: Globalization


Find Journal Articles



Combine your topic's concepts with AND:     globalization and environment and China

Combine synomyms for the same concepts with OR:   globalization and (environment or pollution or toxins) and (China or Asia)

Use quotation marks around phrases:  single quotes in our Library Catalog; double quotes in all other databases.


  • Start at Swem Library's home page (
  • From the list of Quick Links, choose Library Databases.
  • From the list of subjects, click SOCIOLOGY.
  • Select Sociological Abstracts.
  • Enter your search strategy, using the search tips shown above.


·         globalization and "human rights" 

·         globalization and "moral and ethical aspects"   

·         globalization and "political aspects"

·         globalization and education

·         globalization and (economy or capitalism)

·         "non-governmental organizations" and environment


  • From the list of articles that appears, choose ones that look useful.
  • Find the full-text:
    • look for a link to the pdf or html full-text; if there, click it. 
    • if no full-text link, click the Find It @ WM link to see if the full-text is available in another database. 
    • if not, contact the Reference Desk!
  • If you need additional articles, repeat the first steps above and try other databases, such as Academic Search Complete, EconLit, and PAIS.