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Bruton High School Virginia History Day (Spring 2024)

Second Battle of El Alamein

Important Details

  • Oct 23, 1942 – Nov 11, 1942
  • Western Egypt


  • "El Alamein"

Extra considerations

Types of Primary Sources

Publication of Anne Frank's Diary

Important Details

  • Published 1947 as Het Achterhuis and then 1952 in English as "The Diary of a Young Girl"


  • "Anne Frank"
  • "Diary of a Young Girl"
  • Het Achterhuis

Extra considerations

  • many sources will be in translation.

Types of Primary Sources

1622 Massacre

Important details

  • 1622 in Colony of Virginia
  • Key figures include the Powhatan, Opechancanough


  • Powhatan, Opechancanough, massacre


  • terms used in the 17th century won't be modern language usage. May need several different searches trying different words.

Primary Sources (See specialized databases)


Bacon’s Rebellion

Important Details

  • Took place 1676-1677
  • Key figures were Nathaniel Bacon, William Berkeley


  • Bacon, Beverly, rebellion, revolt

Primary Sources (See specialized databases)


Salem Witch Trials

Important Details

  • 1692-1693
  • Massachusetts
  • Cotton Mather Key figure


  • witches

Search approach

  • limit basic searches to Mass. in the late 17th.
  • Most of these primary sources will be compiled into published books

Types of Primary sources:

The Titanic

Important Details:

  • sunk April 15, 1912
    • (my birthday! April 15, not 1912)


  • Titanic

Research notes

  • even limiting the search to materials from 1912 we will have a LOT of material. Will probably need to narrow the focus.

Types of Primary Sources


Alice Paul

Important Details

  • 1885-1977
  • suffragist
  • campaigned for nineteenth Amendment (1919-1920)



  • "Alice Stokes Paul" 
  • "Alice Paul"
  • Suffrage 


  • May need to narrow search due to numerous results/options

Primary sources

Finally, look at Paul's entry in American National Biography, which will highlight important archival collections and books.

Martha Graham


  • 1894-1991
  • Dancer, Choreographer, teacher

Search terms

  • "Martha Graham"


  • May need to narrow search later.

Primary Sources