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Bruton High School Virginia History Day (Spring 2024)

W&M Libraries' Databases

The libraries have a staggering number of specialized databases, each designed for a specific type of research.

If you're unsure were to start, look at the databases list and narrow by subject.

Still unsure where to start? Try some of our general databases



Politics & Government


  • Start by only using 2 or 3 search terms. Revise or add terms based on initial results
  • If one database isn't giving results, that's OK, try another database.
  • As you're finding articles, pay attention to subjects assigned by the databases ; pay attention to keywords being used by other authors.
  • Pay attention to citations in articles, as these may also be good sources.
  • Search the title of interesting articles in Google scholar to see who has cited these same articles
  • Use the Limiters build into the databases to find the best articles:
    • Limit by publication date, subject, relevance, etc.