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ARTH 375 / AMES 390 - Cities in the Modern Middle East

ACTUP Method

The ACT UP Method

A - Author. Who created the resource? Who are they? Background information matters.

C - Currency. When was this resource created? When was it published or posted? Does this resource fit into the currency of your topic?

T - Truth. How accurate is this information? Can you verify any of the claims in other sources? Are there typos and spelling mistakes?

U - Unbiased. Is the information presented to sway the audience to a particular point of view? Resources unless otherwise stated should be impartial.

P - Privilege. Check the privilege of the creator(s). Are they the only folks who might post or publish on this topic? Who is missing in this media? Critically evaluate the terms associated with each resource. How are they described? What are the inherent biases?