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Special Topics in Online Teaching

A W&M Libraries-STLI collaboration

EDUCAUSE (2010) “Seven things you should know about the HyFlex course model”

Good overview & place to get started learning about the concept.


What To Expect in a HyFlex Course: A Faculty Handbook . (2017) Texas A&M University

Provides helpful information for first-time instructors of Hyflex courses based on the decisions approved by the faculty and the experiences of instructors who have previously taught Hyflex courses.


Talbert, R. (2020). Research report: Experiencing the hyflex model.

Analyzes a research article about HyFlex, pulling out lessons learned to consider when trying the model yourself.


Hybrid-Flexible Course Design, ed. Brian J. Beatty (2019)

This free e-book covers why to use a HyFlex approach, how to implement it, and case studies.