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HIST 490: Women of the Civil Rights Movement

The HIST 490: Women of the Civil Rights Movement guide contains primary and secondary sources about social movements, women and civil rights.

Begin Your Research

Use the HIST 490: Women of the Civil Rights Movement guide to locate library databases, books, journals, and web sources to help you locate primary and secondary sources for your research papers.

  • Newspapers, Narratives & Biographies: A selection of historical newspapers, oral history collections and biography databases.
  • Activism, Surveillance and Empowerment: Manuscripts, images, personal narratives, FBI surveillance documents, and other primary sources covering a range of topics during the Civil Rights Era.
  • Civil Rights Collections: Oral histories, personal narratives, manuscripts and other primary sources documenting the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Women's Rights Collections: Images, videos, personal narratives, manuscripts and other documents covering women's issues and the Women's Rights Movement.
  • Secondary Sources: Find scholarly articles and book reviews on your topic from library databases.
  • Help with Citing: Information on using Zotero for in-text citing and creating bibliographies.