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Generative AI: Supporting AI Literacy, Research, and Publishing

In November 2022, OpenAI took the tech world by storm when it launched ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence tool that has the ability to generate content by virtue of user prompts. Powered by copious data scraped from the open web and coupled with robust algorithms, ChatGPT prompted a symphony of technology experts, faculty, students, and everyday users who simultaneously embraced and decried this emerging technology. 

This guide is designed to help faculty and students learn more about Generative AI, including the myriad Generative AI tools, recommendations for building AI literacy, how to leverage Generative AI ethically within research, and guidelines for publishing using content generated by Generative AI. 

An image of ChatGPT generated by DALL-E

ChatGPT self-portrait, as visualized using ChatGPT and DALL-E

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