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ASERL Center of Excellence: Congressional Budget Office

This guide provides information about the Congressional Budget Office documents we collect as part of the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries' Center of Excellence program.

Congressional Budget Office Documents available at W&M

A full inventory and analysis of William & Mary's Congressional Budget Office print holdings is in process. During this time, these documents are temporarily housed within the Content Services offices until the project is complete. While the collection cannot be browsed at this time, documents can be located in our library search and requested for access.

To search for CBO documents in our library search (Primo):

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the search statement: "Congressional Budget Office" (use quotation marks)
  3. The results list will include both print and online access to CBO documents

To request print CBO documents from Swem Library, please use our 'Click & Collect' service. This guide will be updated once the CBO collection has moved back to the stacks in Swem Library with information on how to browse the collection. 

Online Repositories of CBO documents

In addition to the print CBO documents we collect as part of the ASERL COE program, it is also possible to locate these documents through free online sources, as well as, some paid library subscriptions. The listed resources below provide additional access to CBO documents.