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3D Printing

A basic guide to 3D printing at W&M Libraries

Steps to Print

3D Printing in Swem is easy! Follow these 4 steps and create something awesome:

  1. Attend a 3D print training workshop
  2. Develop a 3D print file and save to the appropriate media
  3. Schedule a print time through LibCal scheduler
  4. Print your object
  5. Let us know if something is not working right though this form: Makerspaces at W&M: Report an Issue

Available Printers

Find out more about the printers available in the Swem Makerspace:

Ultimaker 2+

The Ultimaker 2+ is located in the Swem Makerspace (Room 139).


Makerbot Replicator +

The Makerbot Replicator + is located in the Swem Makerspace (Room 139).

Please note that the Swem Makerbot is not connected to the W&M Network, and users are not permitted to print wirelessly, only via USB once the printer has been booked.


Ultimaker 2 Go

The Ultimaker 2 Go is located in the Swem Makerspace (Room 139).