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HIST 491: The International Relations of the 1930s

Use this guide to locate scholarly articles, books, newspapers, government documents and other resources for topics on international relations during the 1930s.

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Search Tips

You can find more documents in the catalog by conducting a search using Library of Congress Subject Headings, for example:

  • Soviet Union -- Foreign relations -- 1917-1945
  • Germany -- Foreign relations -- 1933-1945
  • Germany -- Foreign relations -- 1918-1933
  • France -- Foreign relations -- 1914-1940
  • Great Britain -- Foreign relations -- 1910-1936
  • Great Britain -- Foreign relations -- 1936-1945
  • United States -- Foreign relations -- 1913-1921

To find books about foreign relations between nations in the catalog try using LCSHs like:

  • United States -- Foreign relations -- Japan 
  • Soviet Union -- Foreign relations -- United States
  • Germany -- Foreign relations -- Soviet Union


The selected government documents, treaties and international agreements listed below provide information on foreign relations and policy of Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In addition to these materials, we have access to databases that have compiled the Presidential, Congressional and Parliamentary work of US and UK. 

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Electronic Government Documents

Government Document Databases