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ENGL 475: Virginia Woolf: Annotation Project Sources

A list of resources for annotating Virginia Woolf.

Online Resources (journals, databases, ebooks)

Sources discussed in class and related:

Print Resources

Use this to give you ideas for what types of books might include the sort of info you're looking for, but be creative in searching on your own in our catalog.

For instance, you'll see that Swem has dictionaries of historical allusions. Does that mean we probably have reference books (i.e. dictionaries, encyclopedias) about Biblical allusions? (If you said "yes," you'd be correct.) 


This guides owes a debt of gratitude to Alan Zoellner, former librarian for English. Additional potential sources of information for annotations can be found on this page, separated by content type. 

Here's the Google Doc with our collaborative notes on the sources we looked over in class.