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Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon: Home

The numbers don't lie.

The gender gap on Wikipedia is no secret:  Less than 10% of editors on the platform are women.*

Libraries are fundamental allies to the mission of Wikipedia: collecting and disseminating the sum of all knowledge. Join us during National Library Week as we tackle an important issue: improving content on cis and trans women, the arts, and feminism on Wikipedia. “We believe that art and open access to educational resources are fundamental to the creation of thriving, open societies.” (Art+Feminism)

We welcome all genders and identities.  

No Wikipedia editing experience needed!

*Wikimedia Foundation, 2011

The 2018 Wiki Event may be over . . .

. . . but that doesn't mean you have to stop editing! We hope that you will keep making edits and contributing quality resources to Wikipedia articles to aid the research of ALL people!

Did you know you can LISTEN to Wikipedia?!

Swem Library Research Desk

Pictures from the Edit-a-thon

A W&M Librarian editing a Wikipedia article.

The sign outside the classroom to welcome Editors.

2018 Event Statistics

Thank you to everyone that helped organize and those that participated in the Wikipedia Edit-a-thon. This info graphic proves we had a major impact!