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The Charles W. Reeder Media Center: A Guide to Media Services @ Swem: Spaces and Facilities

A guide to the gear and services of Swem's Reeder Media Center

Spaces and Facilities

To faciliate multimedia production, editing and distribution, Swem's Media Center has spaces for you. We have

  • Media Studios: 8 acoustically isolating studios
  • Kyle Collaboration Lab: a space for faculty to collaborate with instructional technologists and librarians
  • Botetourt Screening Room: a screening room for screening course related works (max 18)
  • Media Collaboration Booths: 2 media collaboration booths
  • Media Lab Workstations: 9 media workstations in our media lab
  • Media Production Room: a space for conducting interviews, photo shoots
  • Cox and Ford Classroom: 2 flexible and innovative classrooms for librarian/faculty collaboration. To inquire about booking these spaces, contact your library liaison


The Botetourt Screening Room & Botetourt Theater, located on the ground floor are spaces designed for group screening of media. It can be used for class-based screening of videos. It is equipped with

  • Capacity: Botetourt Theater: 50; Botetourt Screening Room: 20
  • Muti-region BluRay player
  • NTSC, PAL and SECAM VHS player (Bot Screening Room)
  • Surround Sound (Bot Screening Room)
  • Input for Laptops (HDMI and VGA)
  • Note: there is no computer in the rooms, so BYOD or request a device

Bookings for W&M faculty: 


In the Reeder Media Lab, there are two collaboration booths. Here you can connect devices via HDMI or VGA and collaborate around a common display. There is a dedicated PC with software called Solstice for wireless projection and sharing from any device. Can be reserved for up to 3 hours. 


 A media lab with 9 Mac Workstations with an array of media software. Can be reserved for up to 3 hours. 


We have 8 acoustically isolating studios to accommodate a wide range of creative media production and editing. Included in each studio is: 

Production studios can be reserved for up to 5 hours. The larger studio (Studio 2) can be reserved for up to 8 hours. In order to use Studio 2, we require a brief orientation session.


Studio 2 is our "special" studio. In addition to just being larger than our other studios, it also has an array of more sophisticated equipment.  Before using Studio 2, we require that you first sit down with us for a brief orientation to the space. Can be reserved for up to 8 hours. What's so special? The space has


This is a space designed to conduct and record interviews, do photo shoots, etc. It is a bit DIY for now and bookings will be mediated to make sure we have the available resources and staff support to bring in the space. This would include cameras, lighting systems, microphones, backdrops, etc. Bookings must be made 48 hours in advance. Bookings are tentative until approved, since we will need to coordinate equipment and staff availability.