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Genealogical Research

An overview of resources available at Swem Library for Genealogists along with ideas for other places to conduct research in the area.

About the Special Collections Research Center

The SCRC is located on the first floor of Swem Library and houses the university archives, rare books, manuscripts and other materials that require special care and storage. Their holdings include numerous primary source materials such as family papers, correspondence, diaries, ledgers, scrapbooks, legal documents, photographs, and more. They also have secondary sources such as genealogy collections, newspapers, and research notes. Though the SCRC’s collections focus largely on Williamsburg and Virginia, they also contain primary and secondary sources from many other locations. Patrons are welcome to register online before arriving. The SCRC hours not only vary from Swem Library’s hours but also change throughout the year. You are encouraged to check their schedule before you plan your visit.

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Beginning Your Research at the SCRC

When searching for genealogy-related subjects in the SCRC, we recommend that you search for family surnames and collateral lines (all spelling variations) and the area (city, county, state, etc.) where your ancestor lived. If you fail to find your ancestor or family mentioned in our databases, then the next step is to perform on-site research using ledgers, family papers, or other material from the same geographical area. This step can be time-consuming, but rewarding; for example, a shoemaker’s account book could contain mention of your ancestor having purchased a pair of shoes, providing information about the location, dates of life, and activities of your relative.

Ancestors with William & Mary connections can often be located in the faculty/alumni files; student diaries and scrapbooks; yearbooks, newspapers, and other university publications; photograph files, and other collections. Knowing the years during which your ancestor was associated with the College is a great help in narrowing down the sources to check.

Below you will find a brief list and links to selected collections held by the SCRC

Williamsburg and James City County Records

The SCRC has records related to James City County and Williamsburg City. A good place to start is the James City County Series in the Virginia Counties Collection, 1600-2000 and Series 32: Williamsburg in the Virginia Cities Collection, 1663-1980.       

The following records are also available:

There are also several Williamsburg directories both in the SCRC. Search the catalog by subject for “Williamsburg (Va.) Telephone directories” and “Williamsburg (Va.) directories” to find these telephone and other directories. The earliest Williamsburg directory was published in 1898.  It is entitled A Directory and Handbook of the City of Williamsburg and the County of James City, Virginia, and it is available in Special Collections. (F234 .W7 A18 1898).

The Williamsburg Historic Records Association (WHRA) is an organization dedicated to collecting and preserving records of post-colonial Williamsburg, James City County, and York County.  All of its material is donated to the Special Collections Research Center in Swem Library.  Search the Special Collections Database for “Williamsburg Historic Records Association” to see what they have donated. 

Special Collections also has two oral history collections documenting 20th century Williamsburg and James City County.  The first is the Williamsburg Documentary Project conducted by the American Studies Program at William & Mary.  Records are available in Special Collections, but many of the interviews have been posted online (circa 2008-2014).  The second project is the James City County Oral History Collection, 1983-1986.  Transcripts are available in Special Collections. (MS 00241).

The papers of George Washington Southall (Mss 39.1 So8) include notes and documents regarding lawsuits and civil proceedings, 1831-1851, in which Southall (a Williamsburg lawyer) was involved. Many of the cases contain information from the "burned" counties which lost their records during the Civil War.

Listed below are several other useful collections for genealogists.  Consult the Special Collections Database for more information.

Business Records in Special Collections

The Special Collections Research Center has records such as account books, ledgers, and daybooks which can be helpful to genealogists. They can reveal information about people's everyday lives and provide proof that someone was in a particular place at a particular time. Consult the Special Collections Database to see further descriptions of many of these collections.

  • Aunspaugh, Daniel Phillipe, Papers; tanner and justice of the peace, Liberty (now Bedford), 1800-1850, 4,158 items, Mss 65 Au5
  • Bailey, James; journal, leather goods dealer, Lexington, 1801-1810, Mss MsV Ata1
  • Baker, J.; account book, lawyer, Berkeley/Morgan/Jefferson Counties (later WV), 1820-1821, Mss MsV Ab2
  • Baker, William A.; account book, Winchester, 1812-1814, in Worthington Papers, Mss 65 W89
  • Bedinger & Forman, journal and ledger, millers, Berkeley County (later WV), 1817-1820, Mss MsV Ami 65
  • Bedinger, Henry; invoice book and account book, merchant, Berkeley County (later WV), 1785-1796 and 1794-1840, Mss MsV Ame3 Oversize and MsV Ame4 Oversize
  • Blair, John; ledger, iron founder and merchant, Grayson County, 1795-1797, Mss MsV Afu3
  • Blow, Richard, papers; chiefly business papers relating to his stores in Virginia and North Carolina; subjects include Whiskey Rebellion, banking, canals, embargo, War of 1812, shipping, 1772-1872, 16,070 items, Mss 65 B625
  • Boog, Ninian; account books and journal, merchant, Kin and Queen County, 1748-1751, Mss MsV Ame5, Mss MsV Ame6, and Mss MsV Ame128
  • Buck, Anthony; ledger, commission merchant, Fredericksburg, 1807-1814, Mss MsV Ame C2 Oversize
  • Burks, Martin Parks; papers, primarily accounts and business correspondence, of Martin Burks, deputy sheriff of Bedford County, including records of sheriff’s office, 1817-1839, and accounts of Thomas Turpin with Micajah Davis & Co., 1798-1808; 4,301 items, Mss 39.1 B91
  • Campbell, James; ledgers, merchant, Lexington, 1793-1799, 3 vols., Mss MsV Ame11-13
  • Campbell, Robert; account book, cooper, Greensville County, 1811-1825, Mss MsV Ac25
  • Charlton, Richard; account book, barber, Williamsburg, 1769-1776, in Galt Papers I, Mss 78 G13 MsV 3
  • Cloverdale Furnace, daybook, Botetourt County, and an unidentified general merchandise dealer of Lexington, 1803-1805, Mss MsV Afu4
  • Cooke & Eustace, account book, Aquia, Stafford County, 1815-1818, Mss MsV Ame 17
  • Corbin, Richard; ledger, farm accounts and records of slaves, Caroline County, 1786-1797, Mss MsV Ap8
  • Craig, Alexander; account books, merchant, Williamsburg, 1749-1762, in Galt Papers I, Mss 78 G13 MsV 173-174
  • Crawford, David; account book, distiller, Shenandoah County, 1813-1818, Mss MsV Adl Oversize
  • Currie, Ellyson; ledgers, lawyer, Lancaster County, 1799-1808, 1805-1818, Mss MsV Al2-3
  • Davenport & Willett, ledger, merchants, Berkeley County (now WV), 1805-1809, Mss MsV Ame21
  • Edie, Joseph; account book, physician, 1823-1851, Mss MsV Am8
  • Edmonds Family Papers, includes ledger of John Edmonds, Sr., near Quantico and Dumfries, Prince William County, 1790-1794, Mss 65 Ed6
  • Entler, Joseph; daybooks and ledgers, merchant and barkeeper, Shepherdstown, Jefferson County (now WV), 1821-1857, 20 vols., Mss MsV Ad61-80
  • Fairbairn, William; ledger, carpenter, includes records of marches made with militia from Augusta County, 1823, Mss MsV Ap13
  • Finley, Samuel B.; account books, merchant, Lexington, 1802-1859, Mss MsV Ame 29-33
  • Flower, William; account book, farmer, 1792-1795; Mss MsV Af5
  • Fulton, Andrew Steele; ledger and cash book, including recipes for English champagne and currant wine, Wythe County, 1825-1834, 2 vols, Mss MsV A14 and MsV A15 Oversize
  • Galt, William, Sr., and William Galt, Jr.; account books, merchants, Richmond, 1820-1833, 2 vols., Mss MsV Ad98-99
  • Galt-Pasteur Apothecary Shop, account book, 1770-1780, and Galt-Barraud Apothecary Shop, ledger, daybooks, and account book, 1782-1799, Williamsburg, in Galt Papers I, Mss 78 G13 MsV 175 and MsV 5-14
  • Inskeep, William; ledger, merchant and farmer, 1802-1859, Mss MsV Ame66
  • Jackson, Elisha; ledgers, merchant, Louisa County, 1811-1826, 3 vols., Mss MsV Ame68-70
  • John M. Broome and Company (Lane and Broome Company until 1824), accounts, Winchester, 1816-1844, Mss 65 B82
  • John Morton Jordan & Co., ledger, 1769-1774; also of Perkins, Buchanan & Brown of London, Mss MsV Ame F1
  • Johnson, Amos; account books, merchant, Fauquier County, 1808-1821, 4 vols., Mss MsV Ame71-74
  • Jones, Catesby; ledger, of Gloucester County, including farm management, 1767-1845, Mss MsV Af6
  • Kincannon, Andrew; ledger, merchant, Wythe County, 1808-1837, Mss MsV Ame77
  • King, Gideon; account book, merchant, Hanover County, 1803-1806, Mss MsV Ame78
  • Kirby, Thomas G.; journal, merchant, Fauquier County, 1818-1821, Mss MsV Ame79
  • Ladd, Thomas; letter book, tobacco merchant, Richmond, 1798-1799, Mss MsV Cp4
  • Letcher, John Cyrus; ledger, leather craftsman, Lexington, 1813-1826, Mss MsV Ata5
  • Lexington Newsletter and Western Virginia Telegraph, and the Staunton Republic; newspaper subscription record book, 1818-1819, and unidentified merchant’s ledger, Lexington, 1818-1825, Mss MsV Su1
  • Lupton, Jonah H.; account book, merchant and farmer, 1816-1875, Mss MsV Af25 Oversize
  • Mann, William; fee book of marshal of U.S. District Court of Virginia, 1800-1818, Mss MsV Lev1
  • Martin, John M.; account book, lawyer and merchant, Albemarle County?, 1802-1850, Mss MsV Al7
  • Martz, Noah; account book, blacksmith, Rockingham County, 1818-1855, Mss MsV Ab21
  • Miller and Robertson; ledger, law firm, Lynchburg, 1819-1857, Mss Acc 1997.30.1
  • Myers, Samuel, Papers; insurance papers for real estate and cargo, Richmond, 1796-1854, 30 items, Mss 95 M99
  • New Shenandoah Company, organized to open the Shenandoah River and its branches to navigation, Rockingham County, account books, 2 vols., 1815-1860, Mss MsV An1-2, and minute books, 1815-1857, 2 vols., Mss MsV Mi14-15
  • Opequon Factory, journal, grist mill, Harper’s Ferry [now WV], 1813-1829, Mss MsV Ami G14
  • Patton, James; letter copybook; planter, commission merchant, and ship owner; Alexandria, 1804-1806, Mss MsV Cp8 Oversize
  • Pennybacker, Benjamin; daybook, merchant, Rockingham County, 1818-1821, Mss MsV Ad132
  • Pickett, James; account book, bar owner, 1818-1827, Mss MsV Ab7
  • Piper, Robert; account book, carpenter, 1792-1824, Mss MsV Ac12
  • Pollard and Martin, accounts, merchants, Amherst County, 1785-1791, Mss MsV Ame103
  • Potomac Company, time book, construction of locks at Little Falls on the Potomac River, later incorporated into the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal; 1821, Mss MsV Ac27
  • Reid, Andrew; account book, farmer, Rockbridge County, 1787-1834, Mss MsV Afl1
  • Riddle, James; account book, farmer, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, 1812-1832, Riddle Papers, Mss 65 R43
  • Rinica, Adam and George; account book, partly in German; Marksville, Page County, 1822-1848; Mss MsV Ap30
  • Robinson, Henry; account books, merchant and mill owner, Brunswick Mills, 2 vols., 1803-1804, Mss MsV Ami G17-18
  • Rush, Jacob; ledger, tanner, Rockingham County, 1825-1864, Mss MsV Adl50
  • Spring Forge Iron Works, account book, 1804-1805, Mss MsV Afu6
  • Sterrett, William; business records, lawyer, real estate agent, and property manager based in Mason County (now WV), 1817-1835, 1,520 items, Mss 1996.41
  • Stone, W. S.; letter copybook, commission merchant and ship owner, Fredericksburg, 1810-1813, Mss MsV Cp12
  • Stuart, Archibald; ledgers, lawyer, Staunton, 1788-1831
  • Swan, Robert, and Daniel Brent; account book and journals, Richmond or Richland Mill, Stafford County, 1804-1806, 1817, 3 vols., Mss MsV Ame129 Oversize and MsV Ami G15-16
  • Taliaferro, William; account books, doctor, 1811-1812, 1823-1826, part of William Booth Taliaferro Papers, Mss 65 T15
  • Taylor, Robert Barraud; invoice and receipt book, Norfolk, 1825-1831, Mss MsV Ap37
  • Tompkins, Christopher; logbooks, account books, and accounts, while captain of ship Pocahontas, 1807-1809, and while running a general store in Mathews County, 1807-1841, Mss 65 T59
  • Traders Insurance Company, register with records of policies sold on dwellings, businesses, and merchandise shipped on keelboats and steamboats, Wheeling [later WV], 1825-1833, Mss MsV Ain1 Oversize
  • Traveller’s Rest, daybooks, tavern, Louisa County, 1816-1838, 10 vols., Mss MsV Ah2-Ah10
  • Unidentified distiller and merchant, ledgers, 1799-1812, Albemarle County, Mss MsV Ad2
  • Unidentified furnace, account books, 1803-1804, 2 vols., Mss MsV Ame41-42
  • Unidentified liquor dealer, account book, selling to Shadrach Battles and William Watts, 1804-1807, Mss MsV Ab8
  • Unidentified merchant, account book, Charles Town (later WV), 1801-1803, Mss MsV Ame6u
  • Unidentified merchant, account book, Lancaster Court House, 1799, Mss MsV Ame4u
  • Unidentified merchant [possibly William Ast], ledger and account book, Leeds, England, and Richmond, 1794-1802, Worthington Papers, Mss 65 W89
  • Unidentified merchant, journal, 1801-1802, Mss MsV Ame5uOversize
  • Unidentified merchant, journal, Krings Mills, Augusta County, 1819, Mss MsV Ame63u
  • Unidentified merchant, ledger, 1815, Mss MsV Ame8u Oversize
  • Unidentified merchant, ledger, 1819-1837, Mss MsV Ame9u
  • Unidentified merchant, ledger; 1802-1803, Mss MsV Ame7u Oversize
  • Unidentified merchant, receipt book, shipping records, Tappahannock, 1825-1854, Mss MsV Ashl
  • Unidentified person, account book, 1824-1836, Mss MsV Ap45
  • Unidentified person, account book, Augusta County, 1804-1824, Mss MsV Ap44
  • Unidentified person, checkbook, Bank of Alexandria, 1803-1804, Mss MsV Ap43 Oversize
  • Unidentified person, ledger, Augusta County, 1801-1808, Mss MsV Ap42 Oversize
  • Unidentified physician, account books, Gloucester/Mathews/King and Queen Counties, 1805-1826, 4 vols., Mss MsV Am17-20
  • United States Department of the Treasury, Eighth Collection District, Virginia; records of David Crawford, deputy collector of Shenandoah County, including duties on distillery licenses; wine, liquor, and foreign merchandise retailers; auction sales; and carries; 1814-1815, Mss MsV T5 Oversize
  • United States Post Office, Jackson, Virginia; register, 1819-1832, Louisa County, Mss MsV Apo3 Oversize
  • Waller, Benjamin; account book, Spotsylvania County, 1803-1833, Mss MsV Aa11
  • Weir, Adolphus; account book, blacksmith, Lexington, 1790-1806, Mss MsV Ab22
  • Weir, James; account book, blacksmith, Lexington, 1801-1822, Mss MsV Ab23
  • Winston, Peter; account book of estate, Hanover County, 1784-1790
  • Woolfolk Family Papers, includes business records of the stage line run by the Woolfolk family of Caroline County in the late 1700s and early 1800s, including routes, rates, supplies, mail contracts, and other items, 12,000+ items, Mss 39.1 W88

Virginia Personal and Family Papers

Consult the Special Collections Database to see further descriptions of many of these collections.

  • Allan, John, Papers; includes typescripts and photocopies of correspondence, 1795-1800, of Peachey Franklin, John C. Allan, Nancy Hunter, R. Crawford, and James Garland; Allan, of Richmond, was the stepfather of Edgar Allan Poe, 25 items, Mss Acc 1992.61
  • Armistead-Cocke Family Papers, includes correspondence, 1756-1764, of Maria Carter Armistead and business papers, 1782-1828, of William Cocke of “Bremo” in Henrico County and “Oakland” in Cumberland County, 733 items, Mss 65 Ar6
  • Austin-Twyman Papers, a major collection relating to the Austin, Twyman, Spiller, and Horsley famlies of Amherst and Buckingham Counties, including the papers of Archibald Austin (1772-1837), member of  Congress and the Virginia House of Delegates.  Other topics include the War of 1812, slavery, the study and practice of medicine, and education, 1765-1939, 10,706 items, Mss 69 Au7
  • Baker Family Papers, correspondence, bonds, and accounts of Jacob Baker of Monongahela County (later WV) and Nelson and Jonathan Baker of Allegany County, Maryland; 1805-1911, 481 items, Mss 39.1 B17
  • Barnes Family Papers, primarily correspondence of Newman Williamson Barnes and his wife Margaret Tomlin Barnes of Richmond and “Greenfield” in Culpeper County, 1797-1926, 1818-1875, 247 items, Mss 39.1 B26
  • Beverley Papers, chiefly letters to Robert Beverley of “Blandfield” in Essex County and Georgetown (DC) from his sister Lucy Beverley Randolph, her husband Brett Randolph, and their son Richard Randolph, Jr., 1796-1834, 76 items, Mss 39.2 B46
  • Blair-Banister-Braxton-Horner-Whiting Papers, chiefly letters, 1765-1817, 107 items, Mss 39.1 B358
  • Blow Family Papers, huge collection of the Blows of “Tower Hill” in Sussex County, Virginia, and the Waller family, including family correspondence, some financial records; other topics include the military and farming, 1770-1875, 15,429 items, Mss 65 B63
  • Bolling, Linnaeus; diary, Buckingham County, 1820, Mss MsV D6
  • Britt Family Papers, Pasquotank County (NC), 1801-1860, 38 items, Mss Sm Coll Britt
  • Brown-Coalter-Tucker Papers (II), 1791-1920, 941 items, Mss 65 B855
  • Brown-Coalter-Tucker Papers (I), Group C,  primarily papers of John Thompson Brown (1802-1836), a student at Princeton and later a Virginia legislator; 1816-1839, 6 boxes, Mss 65 B85 Group C
  • Brown, Charles, Papers; includes letters about patients (including slaves), accounts, and legal papers of Brown, a physician in Charlottesville and sheriff of Albemarle County, 296 items, 1792-1888, Mss 39.1 B84
  • Burwell-Catlett Papers, correspondence of family members in Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi; 1794-1887, 105 items, Mss 69 B95
  • Cabaniss Family Papers, correspondence and accounts of George Cabannis, Dr. John Cabaniss, and James Cabaniss; 1800-1837, Mss 39.1 C11
  • Cabell Family Papers, accounts and correspondence of Cabells of Albemarle and Amherst Counties, 1693-1913, 3,192 items, Mss 65 C12
  • Carter Family Papers, of four generations, starting with Robert “King” Carter (1663-1732), his sons Robert Carter (1704-1731) and Landon Carter (1710-1778) of Sabine Hall, and his grandsons Robert Carter (1728-1804) of Nomini Hall and especially Robert Wormeley Carter (1734-1797) of Sabine Hall, 1667-1862, 8,604 items, Mss 39.1 C24
  • Dew Family Papers, mostly correspondence of Thomas R. Dew, president of William and Mary, and his brother Benjamin F. Dew, a lawyer of Newtown, King and Queen County, 1794-1895, 161 items, Mss 65 D51
  • Dunmore Family Papers (II), relating to John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore and last royal governor of Virginia, 1768-1804, Mss 74s D92
  • Garrett Family Papers, mostly correspondence of Dr. Robert M. Garrett and his brothers Alexander C. Garrett and B. F. Garrett, includes 1832 certificate of services of a black Revolutionary War soldier, Williamsburg, 1786-1928, ca. 200 items, Mss 69 G19
  • Garth Family Papers, primarily correspondence of Jesse Garth, his wife, children, and various family members; includes an 1835 suicide note, Albemarle County, 1798-1872, Mss 65 G19
  • Glenn Papers, letters received by George Glenn, iron founder at Isabella Furnace near Luray, Page County, from family in West Virginia, Ohio, and Oregon, 1821-1858, Mss 39.2 G48
  • Gravely Papers, mostly accounts, promissory notes, bonds, and some correspondence of Jabez Gravely and his Joseph Gravely at Leatherwood, Henry County, 1797-1861, Mss 39.2 G78
  • Harrison, Francis Burton, Papers; includes typescripts of letters of members of the Harrison Family, 1786-1840, Mss 65 H26
  • Homassel, Caroline, Papers; correspondence of Caroline Homassel of Richmond with daughter Caroline, 1796-1811, 5 items, Mss 39.2 H75
  • Howerton Papers, blacksmith and storeowner Philip Howerton and his family, Halifax County, 1812-1870, 148 items, Mss 65 H84
  • Jefferson, Thomas, Papers; 160 original manuscripts, mostly letters to William Short, plus 107 items relating to Jefferson, 1785-1826, Mss 39.1 J35
  • Jerdone Family Papers, includes correspondence and business records of several generations of the family, starting with Scots immigrant Francis Jerdone, merchant of Yorktown and Hanover County; topics include trade, farm management, slavery, daily routines, 1771-1845, 2,663 items, Mss 39.1 J47
  • Joynes, Thomas R.; memoranda (bound volume) kept on a journey from Virginia and Ohio to Kentucky, 1810, Mss MsV Tr2
  • Lewis, Dangerfield, Papers; includes accounts of George Lewis, 1816-1846, and letters, accounts, and legal papers of his son Dangerfield Lewis of “Marmion” and “Chatterton” in King George County, 1799-1854; also includes a letter written by a slave to John Lomax, 1801; 1,173 items, Mss 39.1 L58
  • Marshall, John, Papers; original letters and copies from other repositories of personal and professional correspondence of longtime chief justice of the Supreme Court, 434 items, Mss 39.1 M34
  • Massie, William, Papers; letters and accounts of farmer and miller of “Pharsalia” and Tye River Mills, Nelson County, 1814-1870, Mss 39.1 M39
  • Monroe Family Papers, primarily correspondence of members of the family while in London, Paris, and Virginia, 1803-1839, 34 items, Mss 65 M59
  • Monroe, James, Family Papers; correspondence, primarily 1823-1845, 35 items, Mss 82 M75
  • Myers-Burrage-Graham Papers, includes papers of six generations of a prominent Jewish merchant family in Norfolk, beginning with Moses Myers (1752-1835), 33 boxes, Mss 98 M99
  • Overton Family Papers; through 1797, the papers of John and Samuel Ragland of Louisa County, Virginia, and their children, and after 1797, the papers of the Overtons of Louisa County and the related Claybrookes of Haywood County, Tennessee, 1785-1871, 3,282 items, Mss 65 Ov2
  • Page-Saunders Papers, includes correspondence of Margaret Lowther Page of “Rosewell,” Gloucester County and Williamsburg, with her daughter Lucy Burwell Page Saunders and her son-in-law Robert Saunders; a diary of Robert Saunders’ while on a trip from New York to Le Havre; and other items, 1790-1932, 190 items, Mss 39.1 P15
  • Preston, Robert, Papers; family correspondence, including letters from Irish relatives, 1785-1831, Washington County, Mss 39.1 P92
  • Randolph, Nancy, Papers; letters from Ann Cary Randolph [Nancy Randolph] of “Bizarre” in Cumberland County to her sister Judith Randolph, and typescripts of correspondence, 1814-1815, between Ann Cary Randolph and her cousin John Randolph, 18 items, Mss 39.2 R16
  • Robb-Bernard Papers, includes legal and financial papers of the Hipkins and Bernard families of “Rose Hill” (“Gay Mont” in 1816) in Caroline County, 1800-1901, 14 boxes, Mss 65 R54
  • Schultz, Christian; letter copybook relating to land speculation, family problems, and natural history; Schultz, author of a well-regarded travel book, lived in Wood County [now WV] and Marietta, Ohio; 1819-1829; Mss 91 Sch 8
  • Selden, William, Papers; mostly financial records of Anglican clergyman in Elizabeth City County and his widow, including extensive records of renting out slaves, 1772-1799, Mss 2007.46
  • Skipwith Family Papers, papers of several generations of the Skipwiths of “Prestwould” in Mecklenburg County, with much material on farming, gardening, Lady Skipwith’s library (which is in the SCRC), and education, 1760-1977, 6,496 items, Mss 65 Sk3
  • Smith-Walker Papers, of the Smith family of Smith’s Crossroads, Mecklenburg County, and the Walker family of Brunswick County, 1764-1916, 3,098 items, Mss 39.1 Sm8
  • Somerville, William C.; diary, describing journey from Baltimore to Saratoga, 1817, Mss MsV Tr3
  • Strother, Enoch, Papers; correspondence and accounts of lawyer/farmer, Fauquier County, and the Chapman family of Keytesville, Missouri, 1800-1910, 1,273 items, Mss 39.1 St6
  • Tazewell, Littleton Waller; autobiography entitled “An Account and History of the Tazewell Family,” 1823, Mss MsV Ad1
  • Thomson, Matthew; journal of sheriff and justice of the peace of Clark County, Kentucky, and his son Sanford Thomson, with much information on births, marriages, and deaths in the county, weather reports, land surveys, and other matters, 1820-1858, Mss MsV Ap38
  • Tucker-Coleman Papers, of the Tucker and Coleman families of Williamsburg, Winchester, Lexington, Staunton, and Richmond, including the papers of the jurist St. George Tucker and the politician John Randolph of Roanoke,1770-1907, ca. 30,000 items, Mss 40 T79
  • Tyler Family Papers; of the Tylers of “Sherwood Forest” in Charles City County, including President John Tyler, 165 boxes, Mss 65 T97
  • Watts, Sarah C., Papers; letters received from her parents while she was in school in Williamsburg and from friends in Williamsburg after she returned home to New London and Lynchburg, 1807-1809, Mss 65 W34
  • West, Bettie Ann Woodson; journal, Planters Town, Buckingham County, 1802-1803
  • Woods, Archibald, Papers; of Ohio County (now WV), on pioneer life, the Cumberland Road, Indians, the Whiskey Rebellion, and frontier family life, 1783-1846, 2,775 items, Mss 65 W87
  • Wilson, James Riddick; diary, Smithfield, 1819-1846, Mss MsV D14
  • Zimmerman, George; travel account of trip from Switzerland to America, 1744, Mss MsV Tr1

Local Churches, Cemeteries, and Funeral Homes

Funeral home records:

Church Records:

Informal Records Kept by Ministers and Others:

  • Balmaine, Alexander, Memorandum book, minister of Christ ChurchWinchester, 1775-1820, Mss MsV Ch1
  • Bentley, Bishop John Boyd, Papers, including records of the baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and funerals he performed during his ministerial career (in Williamsburg 1926-1930 and eastern Virginia, 1964-1987), 1922-1987, Mss 82 B44 
  • Billups, Richard, Papers, minutes of Methodist meetings in Gloucester County, 1806, 1813, Mss 65 B49
  • Campbell, James, memorandum book kept on behalf of Providence Congregation in Brownsburg with their pastor, the Rev. S. Brown, 1796-1803, Mss MsV Ac17 Oversize
  • Clayvell, Littleton, memorandum book of Methodist Protestant clergyman in Maryland includes records of births, marriages, and deaths, 1847-1880, Mss MsV Ch5
  • Colfelt, Allen, Notebook, includes baptisms and marriages while pastor of Allentown (N.J.) Presbyterian Church, 1871-1875, Mss MsV Nr6
  • Goodwin Papers, includes private registers of ministerial acts, 1880-1897, of Episcopal minister Edward Lewis Goodwin of Virginia, Mss 78 G63
  • Hensell, John C., Memorandum book, includes baptisms and marriages performed at St. John's and St. Peter's Churches in Augusta County, 1835-1858, Mss MsV Ch4 (we also have sermons and sermon notes by him, see John C. Hensell Papers)
  • James Family Papers, includes account books with information on births, marriages, and funerals performed by Cyrus Rosser James, Methodist minister, on the Buckingham (1889-1890), North Mecklenburg (1890-1894), Heathsville (1894-1898), and Whitestone (1898-1901) circuits, Mss 81 J23
  • Toler, Henry, Diary, focuses on ministry and sermons of this Baptist minister, 1782-1786, Mss MsV D2
  • Wilkin Family Papers, includes petition against their minister signed by 39 members of the German Reformed Church of Woodstock, Virginia, Mss 39.1 W64

Cedar Grove Cemetery: