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Health Policy Research Guide


Childhood vaccination has been a hot topic through the years as scientific advances have been made in juxtaposition with religious and ethical implications. Sources for this topic might include both peer-review journal articles to establish the scientific data and systematic reviews on the topic as well as newspaper articles which detail the local reactions to vaccination policies.

Find information on your best bets for journal articles on childhood vaccination from PubMed and Web of Science, linked below.

Sources for U.S. statistics

Selected sources for U.S. statistics on childhood vaccination

Child vaccination websites

Global Health Observatory (GHO) Data Repository : Put together by the World Health Organization (WHO), this resource provides data classified according to health related topics. Relevant indicators are grouped together in the various data views in order to provide broader context for the information provided.

WHO list of vaccine-preventable diseases : List with links that go to WHO resources for each disease.

Sources for newspaper articles

Newspaper article sources

News on childhood vaccinations

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