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HIST 150: Dis/Ability in American History

Rare Books

All our 50,000+ rare books are cataloged and retrievable using the library catalog Primo, right from the William & Mary Libraries home page.  Rare books can be requested directly from the result list via the Special Collections Request button.

The family nurse; or, Companion of the frugal housewife.
Lydia Maria Child 1802-1880.
Boston, Charles J. Hendee 1837

Available at Swem Library Rare Books (RT61 .C47 )

The deaf and dumb; or, A collection of articles relating to the condition of deafmutes; their education, and the principal asylums devoted to their instruction.
Edwin John Mann 1812-, compiler.
Boston, D. K. Hitchcock 1836

Available at Swem Library Rare Books (HV2390 .M3 )

Early biography, travels and adventures of Rev. James Champlin, who was bornblind; with a description of the different countries through which he has traveled in America, and of the different institutions, etc., visited by him; also an appendix, which contains extracts from addresses delivered by him upon several occasions.
James Champlin 1821-
2nd. ed. rev.. Columbus, O. C. Scott's Power Press 1842
Available at Swem Library Rare Books (HV1792 .C5 A3 1842 )

Indigent crippled children in Virginia : a descriptive study of the facilities for the rehabilitation of indigent crippled children in the state of Virginia
Betty Graham Robinson 1912-
Thesis (M.S.)--College of William and Mary. 1933
Available at Swem Library Archives (LD6051 .W5m Soc.Wk., 1933, R62 )

Outlines of imperfect and disordered mental action
Thomas C. Upham (Thomas Cogswell), 1799-1872.
New York : Harper & brothers 1840
Available at Swem Library Rare Books (RC454 .U63 )

Remarks on the influence of mental cultivation and mental excitement upon health.
Amariah Brigham 1798-1849.
3d ed.. Philadelphia, Lea & Blanchard 1845
Available at Swem Library Rare Book - Galt (RC351 .B73 )

Essay on the classification of the insane
Matthew. Allen
London : John Taylor 1837
Available at Swem Library Rare Books (RC469 .A44 )

Education of deaf children : evidence of Edward Miner Gallaudet and Alexander Graham Bell, presented to the Royal Commission of the United Kingdom on the condition of the blind, the deaf and dumb, etc., with accompanying papers, postscripts, and an index
Great Britain. Royal Commission on the Condition of the Blind, the Deaf, and the Dumb in the United Kingdom.
Washington : Volta Bureau 1892
Available at Swem Library Rare Book - Folio (HV2430 .G2 1892 folio )

Commitment, care and prevention of feeble-mindedness in Virginia
Harriet Frances Mardre 1910-
Thesis (M.S.)--College of William and Mary. 1933
Available at Swem Library Archives (LD6051 .W5m Soc.Wk., 1933, M37 )

Mental defectives in Virginia: a special report of the State board of charities and corrections to the General assembly of nineteen sixteen on weak-mindedness in the state of Virginia, together with a plan for the training, segregation and prevention of the procreation of the feeble-minded.
Virginia. State Board of Charities and Corrections.
Richmond, D. Bottom, superintendent of public printing 1915
Available at Swem Library Stacks (HV3006 .V7 A5 1915 )

An essay on hysteria : being an analysis of its irregular and aggravated forms; including hysterical hemorrhage, and hysterical ischuria. With numerous illustrative cases
Thomas Laycock 1812-1876.
Philadelphia : Haswell, Barrington, and Haswell ; New Orleans : John J. Haswell & Co. 1840
Available at Swem Library Rare Books (RC532 .L39 1840 )

Sketches of epidemic diseases in the state of Vermont; from its first settlement to the year 1815. : With a consideration of their causes, phenomena, and treatment. To which is added remarks on pulmonary consumption.
Joseph A. Gallup (Joseph Adams), 1769-1849.

A treatise on the nature, origin and progress of the yellow fever, with observations on its treatment; comprising an account of the disease, in several of the capitals of the United States; but more particularly as it has prevailed in Boston.
Samuel Brown 1768-1805.
Boston: Printed by Manning & Loring. April, 1800

Outlines of lectures on the nature, causes, and treatment of insanity ...
Alexander Morison 1779-1866.
4 ed.. London : Longman & S. Highley 1848
Available at Swem Library Rare Books (RC469 .M67 1848 )

Essays on partial derangement of the mind in supposed connexion with religion.
John Cheyne 1777-1836.
Dublin, W. Curry, jun. and company; etc.,etc. 1843
Available at Swem Library Rare Book - Galt (RC602 .C53 )

A narrative of the life and medical discoveries of Samuel Thomson: containing an account of his system of practice and the manner of curing disease with vegetable medicine, upon a plan entirely new.
Samuel Thomson 1769-1843.
10th ed.. Columbus, O., J. Pike & co. 1833

The medical jurisprudence of insanity
J. M. Pagan (John MacMichan), 1802-1868.
London : Ball, Arnold ; Glasgow : John Symington 1840
Available at Swem Library Rare Book - Galt (RA1151 .P3 )

List of the officers, a copy of the act of the legislature establishing, and of the by-laws of the Virginia institution for the education of the deaf and dumb and of theblind at Staunton.
Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind (Staunton, Va.)
Staunton : printed by Kenton Harper 1845
Available at Swem Library Rare Books (HV1796 .V83 S72 1845 )(updating...)

The deaf and dumb man's discourse, or, A treatise concerning those that are born deaf and dumb containing a discovery of their knowledge or understanding; as also the method they use to manifest the sentiments of their mind; together with an additional tract of the reason and speech of inanimate creatures
George. Sibscota
London : Printed by H. Bruges for W. Crook 1670
Available at Swem Library Microforms (PE25 .E48 )

The physiognomy of mental diseases
Alexander Morison 1779-1866.
London : Longman 1840
Available at Swem Library Rare Book - Galt (RC340 .M67 )

The diseases incident to armies. With the method of cure.
Gerard Swieten Freiherr van, 1700-1772.
Philadelphia: Printed, and sold, by R. Bell, in Third-street. MDCCLXXVI
Available at Swem Library Rare Books (RC971 .S97 )

The London art of cookery, and housekeeper's complete assistant; on a new plan ... To which is added, An appendix, containing considerations on culinary poisons; directions for making broths, &c. for the sick ...
John Farley active 18th century.
London: Printed for John Fielding, J. Scatcherd and J. Whitaker 1783

Library of Western State Hospital Books

The Special Collections Research Center also has a number of books from the library of Western State Hospital. A few selections from this group include: