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HIST 150C: WWII Britain: The People's War (Fall 2023)

Introduction: Who Am I?

Hello! I'm the W&M History Librarian. A few facts about me:

  • I started as the W&M librarian for History, Philosophy, and Government Documents in Fall 2022.
  • Before moving here, I was...
    • An assistant professor & librarian at Portland State University (Oregon).
    • History Librarian at Drew University in Madison NJ, where I was also on the History & Culture faculty.
    • The research librarian to the North Dakota legislature in Bismarck ND - it was very, very cold.
  • In addition to a Library Science masters degree, I'm a trained historian with a PhD in Modern European history, focus on Modern Britain. My area of study happens to be British History, so you can imagine my delight in this class! As proof of my credentials as a proper British historian, please see my official W&M Libraries portrait (every instruction librarian has one!). My research interests are Anglo-American History, the history of 19th century cultural & intellectual life, and the history of higher education.
  • I grew up in a farm town about 30 minutes east of Buffalo NY. My town was so small that learning to square dance & using snow shoes were part of the K-12 curriculum. My town has 1 traffic light, 4 pizzerias, and a weekly farmers' market. My older brother is the principal. As I said, a very small town.
  • My publication areas have been the history of education, history of publishing, data management, and government information. I'm currently working on two projects: a study of how COVID-19 impacted the distribution of government publications to libraries, and a study of the 19th century academic profession.
  • The opportunity to work with WM students was the main reason I came to William & Mary!

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