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Political Philosophy (Political Theory) is an area of political science that deals with issues such as liberty, justice, rights, citizenship, law, authority, rightful overthrow of government, consent, duties, peace and conflict, forms of state (Fascist, Communist, Democracy, etc. ).  In this class, you will focus on theories of democracy, the ideas, concepts, and values associated with democracy, and theoretical critiques of democracy.

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Why Use Library Databases?

  •  Your instructor expects you to use authoritative and reliable resources for college research. Although Google and other Internet search engines may provide thousands of "hits" on any topic, those hits may not meet the criteria your instructor require for your research assignments.
  • It may be difficult and time-consuming for you to locate relevant material among thousands of Google results and to evaluate the reliability of the sites you find using Google.
  • Library databases do a lot of the hard work of the research process for you. They have been professionally evaluated and selected by Swem librarians for their authoritative and reliable content. They have been chosen for their relevance to your studies at W&M.
  • Library databases contain full-text peer-reviewed and scholarly journals as well as newspapers, professional, trade, and popular magazines. They provide primary source materials, reference sources, statistical resources, and a wealth of other information you can trust.


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