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Spring 2021 MBA Sprint Week

This guide will provide resources for each of the four team projects for this semester's Sprint Week.


  • Investing in Global Beef Production Post-Covid-19: Post Covid 19 Changes in the global demand for and supply of beef. Particular emphasis on emerging markets, growing income levels stimulating demand for beef. On the supply side, constraints such as the need for large amounts of land, water, etc to produce beef efficiently
  • Prioritizing Investments in Retail vs. Foodservice Channels: Post Covid 19 Changes in the US Restaurant industry. Will consumers return to eating out?  If so, in what type of establishment?  Will small privately owned restaurants re-emerge after being devastated by the Covid lockdowns?
  • Winning in the on-line Food Buying Space: Post Covid 19 change in the on-line food shopping business environment. Will this trend continue or fade?  Which model will emerge—click and carry or delivery?  How about the divide between retail and institutional demand?  What does it take for a company to ‘get on the consumer’s on-line shopping list?’
  • Sustainability Investments for Greatest Impact: Post Covid 19 movements in sustainability initiatives in the US food industry. Which areas are most productive to pursue—energy, fuel efficiency, water usage, animal welfare, etc. How will consumer, investor, and governmental perspectives develop in the next 10 years, and based on this, where should the company invest its efforts and capital in becoming more sustainable?

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